Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Dr. Walt Karniski discuss the following:

  1. Many people have suggested that ADHD is a fabricated diagnosis, invented by doctors and pharmaceutical companies to sell more drugs or invented by schools that can’t teach or by parents who can’t parent. How do you respond to that
  2. What should be done to confirm the diagnosis of ADHD?
  3. What causes ADHD? Is it too much time on their phones? Not enough sleep? Poor diet?
  4. You imply that medication should be used in almost all cases of ADHD. Shouldn’t counselling or behavioral management strategies be used first? And instead of medication, couldn’t ADHD be treated with changes in diet?
  5. Do children outgrow ADHD? Do they outgrow their need for medication?
  6. With so many different medications available, how does a doctor choose which medication is right for a child?

Today’s podcast talks about the disease ADHD, about the diagnosis, and about medications. Dr. Karniski talks about whether these medications are effective and safe for long-term usage. He told me that they are not addictive.

In this episode of the Where Parents Talk podcast, host Lianne Castelino speaks to Dr. Walt Karniski, developmental pediatrician, author and father — armed with more than 40 years of experience treating children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) — about his first book entitled, ADHD Medication: Does it Work and Is It Safe?

Josh’s Guests: Joyce Moran – Youtheory Improving men’s health using Shilajit, Collagen & Ashwagandha Walter Karniski, M.D. – author, ADHD Medication Does It Work & Is It Safe A developmental Pediatrician speaks about ADHD and your child

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