ADHD Medication Look up

There are a large number of Brand Name Medications that are effective for the treatment of ADHD, even though they represent only a small number of specific generic medications. The Medication Lookup feature provides a tool for determining which medications are available that meet the specified criteria for type of medication, duration of action and method of delivering the medication to the body. The tool is for informational purposes only and should not be used to alter a person’s medical treatment. Absolutely no changes should be made without consulting the prescribing physician. Furthermore, this tool cannot determine which medications are covered by your insurance or whether the medication is available at your pharmacy.

Information used to determine response to Medication Lookup may change from time to time. For example, some medication strengths may be added, others deleted. Some pharmaceutical companies may decide to no longer produce a certain medication. Every attempt will be made to keep this Lookup feature up to date. If you find an apparent error in the results, please let Dr. Karniski know at [email protected]. Please do not use this email to ask Dr. Karniski questions about your treatment or the treatment of your child. He regrets that he cannot respond to those questions.

ADHD Medication Selection Criteria